What is Scouting About?

New to scouting? Overwhelmed and don't know what questions to ask and to who? You've found the right place! We hope the information we gathered here will help your scout ease right into the pack.

We invite you to join us at one of our meetings or outings. We have den meetings (grade specific broken out by Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos) and Pack meetings (Pack consists of all the dens combined) one evening a month in Brindle Hall at St. Joseph Church. Check our Calendar or Email us to get more information about the meetings.

Cub Scouting is a family affair so bring the whole family!

How Can I Sign Up?

The first thing you need to do to join Pack 195 is Contact Us and complete the Application with the Pack registration dues. Another form that is required is the Annual Health and Medical Record, which is needed for all scouts and adults participating in pack events.

How Much does Scouting Cost?

Cub Scout Pack 195 membership dues are $80 every year. Dues are paid at the beginning of the Scouting year in September and cover the cost of Pack and Den meetings along with Scout awards and merit badges. Optional activities such as sporting events and camp are an additional nominal charge.

What do I need for the Uniform?

There are two types of uniforms worn depending on the outing.

“Class A” uniforms are worn at all pack meetings and most den meetings and outings. They include the official Cub Scout shirt with insignia, and the Cub Scout belt, den hat and neckerchief with slide. Official pants and socks are optional.

“Class B” uniforms are used for some outdoor and special events and include a pack t-shirt (purchased from the pack), and the den hat.

All uniforms and related items can be purchased at the Mechanicsburg BSA National Scout Shop which is located at 1 Baden Powell Ln, Mechanicsburg, PA.

There is an option there to have them sew on your patches for you as well. Remember that your “unit” is Pack 195. Lastly, your den specific scout book can be purchased which outlines the achievements required to move into the next rank.

Who runs the Pack?

The pack relies completely on parent participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership. If you can, consider volunteering as a member of the pack leadership team or as a parent helper.

Our volunteer opportunities include leading the pack as a Den Leader or Cub Master, a Pack Committee Member by helping out with administrative tasks, or as a Parent Volunteer which could include anything from helping your Den Leaders with meetings, donating food or time for pack/den events, or providing any special skills or talents that would be helpful in making scouting a great experience for the boys.

Your help is always needed and appreciated. Thanks for volunteering!

What fundraising does the pack participate in?

We participate in one major fundraiser event per year which enables the pack to help reduce the cost to pack families. We rely on all pack families to make these events successful.

The big fundraiser for the Cub Scouts is the annual Popcorn/nut Sales which are done in September/October of every year. Scouts can sell to family members/friends with individual sales (which include incentives for amount sold) or Pack selling events. We schedule time slots at area businesses to sell and take donations for our pack. All scouts should participate in some way, it is a team building task and necessary for our Packs success.